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With our genesis collection, we are showcasing the Ghanaian culture. Each and every Royal is invited to the Royal Gala in Ghana this December - either in person or through our exclusive virtual experience.

With our genesis collection, we are showcasing the Ghanaian culture. Each and every Royal is invited to the Royal Gala in Ghana this December - either in person or through our exclusive virtual experience.

Experience the Royalty of Ghanaian culture through fashion, art, and the Gala.

Support Africa. This NFT collection is bringing ~$500,000 of economic activity to Ghana.

Build generational wealth by attending one of our workshops with our founders.


For many cultures, Royalty is expressed by the fashion or specific fabric that a person wears.

In Ghana, the Royal Fabric is called “Kente.” This is the most expensive cloth in the country. Anyone who sees you wearing Kente will acknowledge your Royal Status.

“Ankara” is a collection of vivid and colorful patterns that celebrate African culture and represents high class, fashion, and style. Ankara is worn by proud Africans, friends of Africans & World Travelers all over the globe to declare their heritage and love for the African continent.





Leah Ibrahim Sams

Leah was raised in South East Asia where she was exposed to a fantastic variety of cultures. Leah worked closely with our Ghanaian Fashion Designer to hand craft each and every look. We specifically chose her for this project because of her ability to celebrate diverse cultures through vibrant colors and illustrations.



Our Founder

Our Founder

Dr. Hans Boateng

Is founder of The Royals NFT & The Investing Tutor. He has a deep passion to help his community build generational wealth. This led him to create the first investment tutoring business in the United States and the first luxury travel NFT to showcase African culture.

He realized most crypto projects lack diversity and representation which excludes underrepresented communities left behind by the traditional financial system. His vision is to create a Royal Family on the blockchain that welcomes everyone, host one-of-a-kind experiences across the globe, and bring different cultures together to build a more inclusive world in crypto.

The Royal Gala

The best words to describe this event: Rich, Classy & Elegant. Everyone is dressed in beautiful attire, enjoying authentic Ghanaian cuisine, dancing, and creating lifelong memories together. By attending, you will participate in Ghanaian culture in a way that broadens your view of the world and enriches the depth of your experience.

Your Royals NFT is your invitation to the Royal Gala – Please visit our concierge page to get started planning your trip to Ghana. The virtual experience will also be made available on our website for members only.

If you plan to attend the Gala in person, we will help you plan your trip to Ghana! Our dedicated concierge service will help with visa on arrival, flight information, hotel recommendations, airport pickup and more.

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Winner of two Major Awards:

Nominated for:

Best Fashion
NFT 2022

Best Onboarding
Experience 2022

The first NFT Collection to...

African Royalty through Fashion

Create a
Royal Family on the Blockchain

Curate an
authentic Ghanaian cultural experience

Provide Utility
for international travel to Africa

Mint multiple
Male & Female
body types

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Jeff Welt

Co-founder & Branding

Jessie Ama K. Affram

Head of Travel Experiences

Francis “Francois” Selase

Head of Operations

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Community Manager

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Social Media Manager

Mavis Sarfowah Aggrey

Royals Concierge Manager

Toheeb Shittu

Discord Manager

Albert Ammah

Graphic Designer

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When you own a Royals NFT, it signifies to the world that you are a member of the first Royal Family in Web3. It unlocks access to a network of entrepreneurs, leaders, creatives, professionals and visionaries that span the globe.

As part of our utility, each family member will have access to annual cocktail events, ongoing financial education, personal development workshops and more.